Weaving of cacti fences and chi ku cha

Pieces of land and houses on Bonaire have known different forms to be closed off. Among other things, there were stone fences, cactus and tree branches fences. The way of enclosing a piece of land or home grounds with cactus was known as 'kose trankera' / 'with woven fence', a highly specialized work. In the past, before the mesh known as 'goat mesh' made its appearance on Bonaire, cacti were placed in the middle between kuku poles that were placed horizontally.

Two cables were also used that were stretched in the middle between the posts. The cacti were placed in this. After 'goat mesh' was intruded, the cacti began to be placed crosswise in the mesh (sewing/kose). An indispensable tool in the 'sewing' of the cactus fence was the 'chi ku cha', a kind of wooden fork and hook, which were used to grab the cactus. "Chi" is the fork and "cha" is the hook. Usually the 'chi ku cha' were made of kuida or kui wood.