Rincon is the oldest settlement in Bonaire. The Spaniards founded the village in 1527 when they brought back to Bonaire the Indians who first lived on the island and later left, to live there. The Spaniards also brought cattle. The Indians worked for them as livestock keepers. The overseer settled in the village where the hills and wild coast protected him well from hostile attacks from the sea. When African slaves were brought to Bonaire, they also went to live in Rincon. In Rincon the inhabitants were farmers on the kunuku, they also worked as fishermen, or sailors. The customs of kunuku life, of fishermen and sailors and its spiritual basis, have remained the most original in Rincon. This is in comparison to the rest of Bonaire. Many still see Rincon as the cradle of Bonairean culture with folk festivals such as Simadan, San Juan, San Pedro and BarĂ­.