The Flag

The flag of Bonaire was established on December 15, 1981. It is rectangular (2:3) with sloping bands arranged in yellow, black, red, white and blue. The size and placement of the colors and symbols are established according to mathematical ratios.

Symbols of the flag:

  • Circle: symbolizes a compass and refers to the fame of Bonaireans as good sailors and fishermen;
  • Triangles: represent equality of people wherever they come from;
  • Six-pointed star: represents the six original residential areas of Bonaire: Kralendijk, Nikiboko, Tera Còrá, Antriol, Nort'i Saliña and Rincon;
  • Red color of the star: represents the blood and the survival skills of the Bonairean;
  • Yellow track: represents the sun and flowers. It also refers to the Kibrahacha tree that blooms after heavy rains.
  • White lane: stands for peace and freedom;
  • Blue lane: refers to the sea.