Antriol originated in 1626 when a group of Spaniards and Portuguese were deported to Bonaire and settled inland "al interior". "Al interior" later changed to " Entrejol" and still later to Antriol. Many people settled there. For example families of free men who were ordered to leave Rincon in 1850. The name "Den Tera" also appears on old maps and government documents. The inhabitants of Antriol were farmers on the kunukus nearby and the kunukus in Tras di Montaña. Several villagers worked on plantations that needed workers. Fishermen from the village went fishing at the area near Lagun and the bay of Playa. The residents also tried to earn a living as sailors. Some of the men went to work temporarily as laborers in Cuba and Venezuela. In Antriol, Simadan, San Juan and San Pedro were celebrated until the 1970s.