Indian drawings

The Indian drawings in different caves of Bonaire are unique. Gerard Bosch was the first person to mention the indian drawings in 1888. In 1879 and 1880, pastor A.J. van Koolwijk, who worked in Rincon, drew these paintings. In the 1930s to 1950s, these drawings became the object of study for various writers, newspapers and enthusiastic amateurs. The first serious study of the drawings was done by Father P. Brenneker who published numerous articles in the 1940s.
After this, there are more scientists who have done in-depth research on these drawings, but there is no explanation of their meaning until now. The most thorough research was carried out by Paul Wagenaar Hummelinck in the period 1953-1972, during which time he also published several articles. In the 1980s, C.N.Dubbelaar again examined these drawings. Because these drawings are very endangered, the Bonai group led by Dr Jay Haviser has arranged protection for them.

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